Cupcakes & Cookie Dough Cookbook

Cupcakes & Cookie Dough Cookbook
Baking is fun! In this book are a collection of favorite recipes, and like any good recipe, these have been passed on from friends and family and even Grandma has passed on one of her secret recipes.
Once each recipe has been baked, the little baker can stick the relevent sticker onto the book as a reward. Cup Cakes and Cookie Dough is full of games and activities.
Once baking is over the kids can sit quietly with the book and give Mum a well deserved rest. Baking is not just fun it can be educational too. Young Bakers will learn about weights and measures, using different ingredients, and the cooking process.
All through the book, the little bakers will be challenged to use their senses of sight, smell, touch, and taste.

Contents 24 page activity book and 1 X sticker sheet Width 148.5mm, Height 110mm, Depth 5mm.

Suggested ages 5-10 yrs
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