"Scraps N' Swaps"

Beautifully vintage - true Victorain Whimsy - the sought after "scrap" sheet. These sheets we import from either England via "Mamelok" or imported from Germany via "Ernst Freihof"  from the same manufacturing families that have been proudly producing these wonderful images for so long..

From the 1870s to the early 1900s scraps or reliefs brought endless hours of joy and pleasure to both adults and children. They were bought for pocket money and cherished, like hidden treasure, to be enjoyed and dreamed over. Albums were full of many types of reliefs which ranged from animals, flowers, clowns, politicians,religious icons and images and a great many other subjects of all kinds and sizes. The sheer imagination of the printers, artists and designers never cease to surprise the present day collector.

The colourful reliefs adored by the Victorians, were embossed and glossy and soon became popular as decorative additions to Christmas cards and valentines. They were also used to illustrate historical as well as popular events of the time. In the Victorian home a fashionable pastime was to embellish the folding screens that the draughty living rooms required.

Today they bring back a sense of reliving childhood memories and allow you recreate a cherised album perhaps long lost - or simply another lovely way to decoupage an item - or create your own collection of simply beautiful paper craftsmanship.