Deco Mache

Deco Mache is the brand name for a range of decoupage products. Objects are decorated by sticking the special decorative paper to the surface. It's a pretty twist on the old techniques of papier mache and decoupage.

Designed for the modern style of decoupage, Deco Mache produce a sophisticated range of decorative papers.Thin, strong and flexible, the Deco Mache papers can be used to decorate a wide range of surfaces.

Traditional decoupage requires gluing the paper in place followed by varnishing. In order to achieve a smooth finish, many layers of varnish are required and the object would need to be sanded between coats.

Deco Mache papers are thinner, so dont require layers of varnish to give a smooth finish. The combined glue and varnish also makes the whole process much easier. Deco Mache also produce a range of glue-varnishes. The varnishes are non-toxic and water resistant. As well as the more standard gloss and matt finishes, Deco Mache produce an antique crackle glaze varnish.